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How to Meet New Intriguing Women: The Cascade of Opportunity

One common early stumbling block for men trying to improve their dating lives is figuring out the best ways to meet women who actually excite them. If the problem isn’t “I have no idea how to talk to new women,”... Continue Reading →

Permanently Upgrade Your Social Skills Arsenal

Do you ever wish you could rewire parts of your personality that are holding you back socially? We all have something we wish we were better at.  Right now let’s use the topic of conversational skills. As a specific example... Continue Reading →

Persistence: How to Gain a New Hobby You Love

I want to talk about a piece of advice that I see EVERYWHERE, often given as the first step to dating effectively: “Just try new things and then keep doing the ones you like!” Isn’t it frustrating when someone gives... Continue Reading →

How to Break the Ice With Women At the Bar

She’s over by the bar talking with a friend.  James (the brave subject of this story) decides he HAS to meet her.  He tries to remember a few tips he’s heard about approaching women, and walks over to her. He... Continue Reading →

How one event changed my entire perspective on meeting new people

  I recently attended a networking event to stretch the boundaries of my personal network and build some brand-new relationships with people from across the country and the world.  I was instantly psyched to join when I learned that it... Continue Reading →

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