Are you the type of person who comes up with grand and exciting plans for yourself out of nowhere? Do you just get an idea that pops into your head one day and think, “now THAT might be a fun thing to do!” (and then forget about it two days later?)

Big or small… Taking that trip to South America. Trying out for a bowling league. Learning to play the piano at a competitive level. Cooking a whole chicken for the first time. Organizing a bar crawl to get to know your new town, even though you only have a few friends. Taking just ONE salsa dancing lesson!

By the way, the big photo is of a real-life Paddy’s Pub I found in Philadelphia, which I noticed because I love the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (even though it’s not 😦 ). I don’t know if it’s famous or something, but darn it I found it on my own!

How about this — does it bother you that most of the time this is just an exercise in fantasy and then you go about your day? Stop being that guy. You know why? Because you don’t have to and no one is making you.

There is no good story about a routine week where everything went according to expectations. So, why not do the thing and come out of it with a great story instead?

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am addicted to doing things I’ve never done before. And you should be, too.

Sometimes the trick is even coming up with this stuff in the first place, depending on what your day-to-day life experience is like. Maybe you’re surrounded by pessimists and boring sticks-in-the-mud, I don’t know.

Do the thing anyway. Take that old friend out to lunch. Take a weekend trip that requires a flight and don’t make an itinerary until the day of. Do it for the story! This may just be the mindset change you’re looking for to finally start having that “interesting” life you always wanted.