Dating is hard.  And meeting new people you actually, genuinely like as friends can be just as hard.  Agreed?

I have a couple of simple goals here: to help young professional men, with an introverted nature, become skilled at dating to find fulfilling relationships.  And to upgrade their social life in general by leaning in to what makes them unique.

It’s easy to look around and start thinking that everyone was somehow born with better social abilities than you were.  Especially if you’d say that you’re an introvert by nature.

You walk down the street downtown and everyone is holding hands or laughing with their best buddies.

You go out to a bar, and see 57 couples having a great time and adorably rubbing their noses together because they’re so in love.

How did these people find each other?  How does everyone have so many friends?  What do they do together all the time?

Okay, that might be funny to joke about but it hits at a sense of longing for connection too many guys feel. Connecting with new people can be much harder in regular adult life than it is in school and college.  And it can be especially difficult for men who identify as introverts.

Hi there, I’m Jeremy Kochis.


I believe that a successful dating life for men these days is deeply connected to a thriving social life.  Your ability to make new friends, and strengthen your relationships with the ones you like and care about, is definitely transferable to finding a fulfilling romantic relationship.

If you couple this with flirting well in your own way, you can make yourself irresistible to the types of women you want to attract.

Here’s what Unstoppable Match is all about:

  • Finding out how to show people automatically that you’re an awesome person to spend time with.
  • Finally feeling like you’re attracting women into your life who are intriguing, smart, and of course – beautiful.
  • Learning the best ways to bring out the best version of yourself so that you feel like you’re always making good impressions.
  • Feeling like you’re developing lasting relationships and just having a good time in life.

I’ve spent a lot of time determining what works and what doesn’t when it comes to meeting women and having real relationships.

I certainly haven’t been gifted with social grace my entire life.  I still make mistakes all the time.  But I know what it’s like to be introverted because I grew up with that kind of nature, too.  I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Introverts are commonly misunderstood as all being shy, awkward, and quiet.  But the real indicator of introversion versus extroversion is your personal “energy” dynamic in social situations.  Do you tend to seek smaller gatherings and quieter atmosphere, and require some time to recharge after socializing?  That’s an introvert in a nutshell.

Introversion, shyness, and social anxiety are completely different things, though people sometimes experience them together.

So if you’re also a shy or socially anxious person, it’s hard when people keep telling you that you need to be more outgoing.  That you need to be less quiet.  That you should learn to be more “energetic” and talkative.

And it’s frustrating (but kind of funny, too) when you hear women saying, “Where are all the good men?” because you’re right here! You’re one of them!

But how do you get them to see that?

If you’re here because you’ve decided to finally “figure out” dating, this is for you:

This site exists because sharp, kind, introverted guys like you have something to offer.  I want to help you to learn how to reveal that to every person you meet.  Let’s get you in the fast lane to becoming the best version of yourself, romantically and in life.

Now, onward!  Check out some of my blog posts, or even ask me a question via email – I’m available at 🙂